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Schiller FRED PA-1 defibrillator fully automatic - incl. accessories

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  • incl. accessories - ready for immediate use
  • perfect for professional and private use
  • clear and understandable voice instructions with picture display
  • suitable for children and adults
  • Feedback on the quality of resuscitation in real time
  • Language can be changed at the touch of a button: German, English or Spanish
  • incl. 2 years warranty
SKU 281
GTIN: 4260460422989
Manufacturer part number: S11279902
Scope of delivery

  • Schiller FRED PA-1 defibrillator - incl. accessories
  • Lithium battery
  • incl. electrodes for adults
  • incl. memory card
  • Emergency kit

Original price $1,402.00 - Original price $1,402.00
Original price $1,402.00
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$983.00 - $983.00
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The main features of the Fred Schiller PA-1 defibrillator

  • Semi-automatic with automatic heart rhythm detection: After the adhesive electrodes are applied, software in the Schiller FRED PA-1 defibrillator automatically analyzes the heart rhythm. If ventricular fibrillation or a threatening cardiac arrhythmia is detected, the device activates defibrillation.
  • Cardiac massage assistant: A metronome is integrated into the device to help you find the optimal rhythm during chest compressions. The Free-CPR® add-on option gives you direct feedback on the rate of chest compressions based on impedance changes recorded by the defibrillation pads.
  • Automatic electrode detection (adult/child): This defibrillator detects whether the patient is an adult or a child based on the pad size. The device automatically adjusts the defibrillation energy up or down accordingly.
  • Automatic self-tests to detect expired pads and low battery: The Schiller FRED PA-1 defibrillator notifies you via email and the device display when electrodes need to be replaced or battery capacity is low.
  • No pre-charging before shock delivery: When you flip the lid up, the FRED PA-1 defibrillator turns on. All you have to do is apply the pre-connected electrodes to the patient. No pre-charging is necessary, thus the defi is immediately ready for use.
  • Data storage up to two hours incl. 500 eventsThe device can store up to two hours of ECG data. Data is transferred via a commercially available SD card.
  • Maintenance recommended every 3 years according to the manufacturer

Who may buy an AED?

Purchasing an AED comes with no legal restrictions. This means that anyone is eligible to purchase an AED.

Training according to the Medical Devices Act:

Dr. Daniel Pehböck offers you a 30-minute online training online. There you will learn the correct start-up and usage instructions for your AED.

Instructions for use

Operating instructions

Advantages over other defibrillators

  • Clear and understandable voice instructions: The Schiller FRED PA-1 defibrillator is a user-friendly, fully automatic defibrillator that guides you through resuscitation with clear and structured voice instructions and pictograms.
  • Voice instructions are available in three languages: At the touch of a button, you can change the voice instruction of the defibrillator to German, English or Spanish. A repeat function is also available.
  • Up to ten years warranty: The manufacturer Schiller offers you the possibility to extend the warranty from two to up to ten years for an extra charge of € 200. In the event of a warranty claim, the device will be exchanged for a new one.
  • Battery lasts up to six years in standby mode: this duration is guaranteed with a delivery of up to 140 shocks.
  • Protected against dust and water: The Schiller FRED PA-1 defibrillator has achieved an IP55 rating. This means: The housing of the device is protected against dust and water.
  • Carrying handle for mobile use: With the carrying handle you can take the defi to any place of use.

Disadvantages to other defibrillators

  • No display with text instructions: The Schiller FRED PA-1 defibrillator does not have a display with text instructions. The defibrillator guides first responders through the emergency situation using voice instructions and pictograms.

Ideally suited for:

  • Private users & laymen
  • Company
  • Hotels
  • Doctors and medical practices
  • Paramedics
Learn how to behave properly in an emergency, the correct use of defibrillators and receive our free information posters.

Customer Reviews

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Jonas F.

Wir sind sehr zufrieden. Die Medizinprodukte wurden schnell gelifert und sie haben eine Top Qualität.

Paul K.

Ich möchte euch von Herzen danken für die schnelle Zustellung und die liebevolle Verpackung. Meine Zufriedenheit ist umfassend.

Ben Fischer

Euer Kundenservice ist einfach fantastisch! Die Beratung war ausgezeichnet. Vielen Dank.

Felix Mayer


Elias Berger

Guter Defi zum fairen Preis! Schnelle Lieferung, danke!

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