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Our team

dr Daniel Pehbock

Managing directors
FM MeinArztbedarf GmbH

Daniel Pehböck is a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care medicine. For several years he was a senior physician at the Innsbruck University Hospital. All products listed in our web shop were tested by Dr. Daniel Pehböck checked and found to be good. As a doctor, he would be happy to advise you on individual products. Write him an email and he will be happy to get in touch with you personally.

E-mail: hello@meinarztbedarf.com

Francesca Maria Martinez BA

Assistant to the Management
FM MeinArztbedarf GmbH

Francesca Martinez completed her studies in health sciences a few years ago. Thanks to her many years of professional experience in the field of medicine, medical products and e-commerce, you have found the right contact person for medical product trading and practice equipment. Together with her team of doctors, she is available to advise and take care of all inquiries relating to the topics of medical products, emergency medicine, equipment, device training and collaboration.

E-mail: hello@meinarztbedarf.com