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During Corona times, people get a whole new sense of disinfection and hygiene guidelines. More flu waves will probably catch up with us again and again and everywhere there is talk of a second wave. Does it come in or not? We cannot predict this exactly today, but it is literally in our hands how we manage the situation. That is why it makes sense not to ignore certain hygiene measures in the future.

Public spaces offer plenty of freedom for germs and viruses

People who use public transport and are very much surrounded by people at work have a higher risk of becoming infected and ill in the event of a flu wave. How can this stop in the long term, that it does not constantly spread again?

First: Balanced work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle

The main rules to strengthen the immune system are very simple: pay attention to enough sleep and eat a healthy and balanced diet. More and more people are getting to know and love the benefits of a plant-based diet! A body that has all the nutrients it needs rejects germs and bacteria much more easily.

Regular hand washing and disinfection supported

In addition to these points, it is advisable to observe and implement general hygiene guidelines. We have tested some products in the last few months and do not want to deprive you of the best quality!

Basowell disinfection for the hands

Our favourite is colour- and perfume-free. The Basowell hand sanitizer is also very productive and eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi. We are currently relying on larger quantities (10 litres) at a very good price.


Areas and objects should also remain clean

It makes less sense to constantly disinfect your hands but reach for unclean surfaces littered with viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it is important to regularly keep the important usable areas, doorknobs etc. clean at work and at home. In this way, you may also avoid a transfer to other people. Basowell surface disinfection in a 10 litre canister helps!

We also offer smaller sizes. If your desired product does not appear in the shop, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or telephone.

We wish you a carefree time and look forward to your visit!

Yes, I would like to see and buy disinfection and other hygiene products in your shop!

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