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Eye medications are used to treat a variety of eye diseases and conditions, including infections, inflammation, glaucoma and dry eyes. They can be administered as eye drops, ointments or tablets and are designed to alleviate vision problems and promote eye health.


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Your guide to eye medication

Everything you need to know about eye medication

The importance of eye medication

Eye medication are indispensable to treat and prevent eye problems effectively. They help you to alleviate symptoms such as redness, swelling and pain and can prevent serious problems.

Different types of eye medication

Depending on your situation, various medication can be used. Eye drops are particularly suitable for dry eyes and infections, ointments work longer and are ideal for the night. Tablets can also be prescribed for comprehensive problems.

Find the right medication for your eyes

The choice of the right drug depends on your specific needs and your situation. A visit to the ophthalmologist is crucial to get the right diagnosis and treatment.