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Dressing material

Skin staplers

Skin staplers are often used as an alternative to surgical needle and suture combinations and enable fast, hygienic wound closure.


  • Manipler® AZ Disposable Skin Stapler

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    $63.00 ($10.50/St) incl. VAT
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    Current price $63.00 ($10.50/St) incl. VAT
    B. Braun

    for safe and fast closure of skin wounds Secure grip due to a winged design easy squeezing of the handles free view of wound edges with 35 clamps ...

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    Original price $63.00 - Original price $63.00
    Original price
    $63.00 ($10.50/St) incl. VAT
    $63.00 - $63.00
    Current price $63.00 ($10.50/St) incl. VAT
My doctor's needs - innovative skin clip devices for precise wound care

Discover high -quality skin clip devices for my doctor needs

My doctor requires an extensive selection of innovative skin clamp devices that are indispensable for precise and efficient wound care. Read on to find out why our skin clip devices are the optimal choice for medical specialists.

What makes our skin clip devices special?

Our skin clip devices are characterized by the latest technology, user -friendliness and high functionality. Discover the characteristics that make our skin clip devices special:

  • Innovative technology: Our skin clip devices use advanced technologies to set precise brackets and promote healing.
  • User -friendly design: Ergonomic handles and intuitive operation make our skin clip devices easy to use.
  • Versatile application: From small injuries to surgical interventions, our skin clip devices offer solutions for different wound types.
  • Hygienic materials: Our devices consist of high -quality, hygienic materials to ensure safe wound care.

Who are skin clip devices suitable for?

Skin clip devices are indispensable instruments for surgeons, doctors, nursing staff and medical specialists who need precise and effective wound care. The areas of application range from small outpatient interventions to larger surgical operations.

Why my doctor needs?

My doctor needs quality and innovation. Our skin clip devices meet the highest standards in terms of material quality, precision and hygiene. Trust our products to ensure optimal wound care in your medical practice.

Order your skin clamp devices from my doctor needs

Discover the extensive range of skin clip devices on my doctor needs and now order the perfect instruments for your needs. Our innovative skin clip devices enable precise and efficient wound care in every medical situation.

My doctor needs - your reliable partner for medical instruments

My doctor not only offers high -quality skin clip devices, but is also your overall supplier for medical instruments. Trust our expertise and now order my medical practice for optimal equipment of your medical practice.

Precise wound care with innovative skin clamp devices - with my doctor needs!