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Surgical clamps are specialized instruments used in surgery to grip, hold or clamp blood vessels or other structures to control bleeding or facilitate access to surgical sites. They vary in shape and size according to their specific application, from fine microsurgical clamps to larger clamps for abdominal surgery.


  • Rüsch® Magill forceps (intubation forceps), disposable 10 pcs.

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    $144.00 ($14.40/St) ($14.40/St) ($14.40/St) incl. VAT
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    Angled pliers roughened, wide jaws atraumatic different sizes available stainless steel, matt finish

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    Original price $144.00 - Original price $144.00
    Original price
    $144.00 ($14.40/St) ($14.40/St) ($14.40/St) incl. VAT
    $144.00 - $144.00
    Current price $144.00 ($14.40/St) ($14.40/St) ($14.40/St) incl. VAT
My doctor needs - everything about medical clamps

Discover high -quality medical clamps on my doctor needs

My doctor requires a wide selection of medical terminals for various applications in medicine. Learn more about our high -quality products, the areas of application and why my doctor needs are your first choice for medical accessories.

What are medical clamps?

Medical terminals are instruments that are used in medicine for grasping, holding or fixing tissues, blood vessels or other anatomical structures. They are used in various specialist areas and medical procedures.

Areas of application of medical terminals

Our medical terminals are used in various medical departments:

  • Surgery: Precise maintaining tissue during surgical interventions.
  • Gynecology: Application in gynecological examinations and operations.
  • Dentistry: Use for dental interventions and procedures.
  • Orthopedics: Fixing bone fragments during orthopedic operations.
  • Urology: Use in urological examinations and interventions.

Features of our medical clamps

Our medical terminals are characterized by the following features:

  • Material quality: High quality materials for longevity and precision.
  • Ergonomic design: Comfortable handling for the medical specialist.
  • Diverse explanations: Different types for different requirements.
  • AutoKlaveability: Slight sterilization for hygienic applications.

Who are medical terminals suitable for?

Medical terminals are suitable for various medical specialists, including surgeons, gynecologists, dentists, orthopedic surgeons and urologists. The precise functionality of these instruments supports with various medical interventions and examinations.

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