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Breastfeeding accessories

Breastfeeding accessories support mothers during breastfeeding and offer comfort and convenience. These include items such as nursing cushions, which make it easier to position the baby ergonomically, and breast pumps, which enable breast milk to be expressed and stored.


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- The importance of breastfeeding accessories for breastfeeding mothers

The importance of breastfeeding accessories for breastfeeding mothers

Breastfeeding is an important method of nutrition of infants that offers many health benefits for both the baby and the mother. However, breastfeeding mothers often need certain breastfeeding accessories to facilitate and improve the process of breastfeeding. Still pillows are one of the frequently used nursing parts, since they help mothers take a comfortable and supportive position during breastfeeding. They can also be used to keep the baby in an optimal position. Milk pumps are another important breastfeeding accessories that gives breastfeeding mothers the opportunity to collect and store their milk in order to feed them if necessary. This is particularly useful if the mother cannot always be with the baby or when problems occur when breastfeeding. Showwell ointments and shells are also important breastfeeding parts, as they can help to alleviate pain and symptoms during breastfeeding. They also offer protection for the nipples and can help prevent wounds and cracked nipples. Overall, breastfeeding accessories play an important role for breastfeeding mothers by helping them make the breastfeeding process easier and improve and at the same time offers them the opportunity to feed their baby fully and healthily.

Advantages of using breastfeeding accessories

The breastfeeding accessories offer many advantages to make breastfeeding more easier and more comfortable for mothers. This includes various products such as comfortable still armchairs, practical breastfeeding apps, absorbent breastfeeding inserts, breast milk catchment shells and delicious snacks.

An advantage of using breastfeeding accessories is to facilitate breastfeeding itself. A special breastfeeding armchair can take a comfortable position and thus avoid back or neck pain. This enables longer, pain -free breastfeeding.

Furthermore, a still app can be very helpful. It can remind you of breastfeeding, save notes on the baby's breastfeeding habits and provide tips and tricks. This better organizes breastfeeding and the mother can relax.

In addition, breastfeeding deposits are a practical tool. They absorb superfluous breast milk and prevent leakage. As a result, the mother feels dry completely and can move in public without hesitation.

Breast milk catchment shells are another useful breastfeeding accessories. They capture the leaking milk while breastfeeding and thus prevent precious milk losses. The mother can use or store the collapsed milk later.

Finally, snacks are a pleasant breastfeeding accessories. They can be consumed while breastfeeding and ensure additional energy. This is particularly important because breastfeeding requires a lot of energy from the mother.

Overall, the breastfeeding accessories offer many advantages to make breastfeeding easier and make more comfortable. It enables comfortable positions, organizational support, drought, milk saving and additional energy. As a result, the mother can take care of her baby as best as possible and enjoy breastfeeding to the fullest.

- Convenience

The deposits offer outstanding convenience that is achieved by their special material structure. The fine material ensures that the inserts feel comfortable on the skin and a comfortable fit is guaranteed. At the same time, they are particularly easy to attach and position them due to their self -adhesive strip, so that they sit firmly and safely at any time.

Another advantage of the Insoles is their inconspicuous invisibility under clothing. They adapt perfectly to the body and can hardly be seen even under tight -fitting clothes. This ensures an additional degree of comfort and enables you to move without restrictions.

In addition, the deposits have a maximum fluid recording capacity to prevent possible inconvenience. It is recommended to change the insoles regularly to ensure the best possible comfort and high hygiene. A regular change guarantees that the insoles protect optimally from leaving and reliably fulfill their function.

Overall, the deposits offer a unique combination of convenience, fine material, self -adhesive stripes, invisibility under clothing and high fluid absorption capacity. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for women who value comfort, hygiene and discretion.

- Convenience

The Milch congestion insoles offer breastfeeding mothers a high degree of convenience and improve their comfort during breastfeeding. These insoles are specially designed to prevent milk jams and unwanted leakage.

One reason for their convenience is the soft and pleasant materials from which they are made. They are very gentle on the skin and still feel pleasant even after wearing it for a long time. This ensures that breastfeeding mothers feel comfortable all day.

Another important aspect is the use of self -adhesive stripes on the deposits. These stripes ensure that the deposits stay in place all day. In this way, mothers can move freely and are not afraid of falling or slipping deposits. This helps you to be able to devote yourself to the challenges of everyday life without having to worry about unpleasant situations.

The milk congestion insoles from are specially tailored to the needs of breastfeeding mothers and offer them comfort and security all day. With their self -adhesive strips, they ensure a full -day stop, while the soft materials ensure that they feel comfortable on the skin. These deposits are therefore an excellent choice for everyone who is looking for a comfortable and reliable solution for milk congestion and expires.

- hygiene

Hygiene plays a crucial role in our daily life and is of fundamental importance for our health and well -being. The right hygiene practice helps us prevent diseases, reduce infections and create a clean and safe environment for us and others. Regardless of whether it is about personal hygiene, such as washing your hands or brushing your teeth, or the cleanliness of our surroundings, hygiene is a topic that affects everyone. In this article we will deal with various aspects of hygiene, starting with the meaning and advantages of good hygiene practice up to the right techniques and methods to maintain hygiene in our everyday life. We will also deal with the importance of hygiene in hospitals and other public institutions and examine the effects of the lack of hygiene practices on our health and community. Hygiene is a topic that we should all pay more attention to create a healthy and clean environment for us and our fellow human beings.

Types of breastfeeding accessories

In this section, different types of breastfeeding accessories are treated that can be helpful to improve breastfeeding.

The nursing pillow is a kind of breastfeeding accessories. These pillows are placed around the mother to offer her and the baby additional support and comfort while breastfeeding. They help to achieve a pleasant breastfeeding position and can also be used to take off the baby if it is not on the chest.

Another aid is the silent scarf. This scarf can be placed around the mother's neck to offer her privacy while breastfeeding. It can also be used to protect the baby from wind or direct sunlight.

Another type of breastfeeding accessories are the nipple creams. These creams are applied to the nipples after breastfeeding to protect them from drying out or crack. They can also be used for wounds or sensitive nipples to relieve pain.

After all, there are also a variety of still bras that were specially developed for breastfeeding. These bras have additional openings or closers to enable the comfortable and discrete breastfeeding. They also offer sufficient support for the growing breast during breastfeeding.

Each of these aids can improve breastfeeding by creating a comfortable and supportive environment. They allow the mother to concentrate on breastfeeding and offer the baby a pleasant breastfeeding position. It is important to note that each aid has its own functions and advantages, and it is advisable to select the one that best suits the mother's individual needs and preferences.

Washable breastfeeding deposits

Washable breastfeeding deposits are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable still deposits. They can be used and washed several times, avoiding waste. Another advantage is that they can be made from natural materials and are therefore skin -friendly.

Washable breastfeeding inserts are made from different materials. A popular option is cotton because it is soft and absorbent. Bamboo fibers are also often used because they have an antibacterial effect and have a high absorption capacity. Some breastfeeding deposits are also made from hemp, which also has good absorbency.

Maintaining and cleaning washable breastfeeding deposits is relatively easy. You can either be washed by hand or in the washing machine. They should be protected in a clothes bag to avoid damage. In order to maintain the absorbency, it is advisable to let the breastfeeding deposits dry in the air. However, some materials, such as wanted, should only be washed by hand.

Washable breastfeeding deposits are therefore an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to disposable idols. With their multiple use and the use of natural materials, you can help reduce waste and protect the environment. Care and cleaning is easy and enables a long lifespan of the breastfeeding deposits.

- absorption ability

The ability to absorb liquids or gases is the ability to absorb. This property plays an important role in various areas such as chemistry, materials science and environmental technology.

The absorption is usually measured by the absorption rate, which indicates how quickly a material absorbs a liquid or gas. This rate depends on various factors, such as the surface quality of the material, the sorption behavior, the capacity of absorption and pore structure.

Porous materials have a high absorption ability due to their large surface and cavities. The sorption behavior describes how strongly a material binds liquids or gases. The capacity of the absorption indicates how much of a medium a material can absorb before it is saturated. The surface quality influences the ability to absorb, since a larger surface increases the contact efficiency.

There are various methods for measuring absorption ability, such as the gravimetric method, in which the weight of the material is measured before and after absorption. The method of coulometry measures the amount of dissolved oxygen or another substance that is absorbed into the material. The Karl Fischer Titration is used to measure the absorption ability of water by a material.

In summary, it can be said that the absorption ability of a material is its ability to absorb liquids or gases. It is influenced by various factors and can be measured using various methods to enable precise quantification.

- reusability

Reusability is becoming increasingly important in today's society. More and more people are aware that we have to protect our natural resources to protect the environment and to secure a sustainable future. Reusability plays a crucial role in this. It is about designing products and materials in such a way that they can be used several times instead of throwing them away after a single use. This applies to various areas of daily life, such as packaging, clothing, furniture and electronics. The development of reusable products and packaging contributes not only to reduce waste and resource consumption, but also to reduce emissions and the stress of landfill. In addition, reusability also offers economic advantages, since products can be used longer and costs are saved. It is therefore of great importance that companies, governments and consumers identify the importance of reusability and take measures to promote them. We can only create a sustainable future through joint efforts.

Electric milk pumps

Electric milk pumps are a practical option for breastfeeding mothers who want to pump their milk. There are different types of electrical milk pumps that offer different functions and advantages.

A kind of electrical milk pump is the "Hospital Grade" pump. This pump is particularly powerful and is often used in hospitals or clinics. It enables the simultaneous pumping of both breasts and has a high suction power. This is particularly useful for mothers who have a high milk flow or want to increase their milk production.

Another type of electrical milk pump is the "Personal Use" pump. This pump is more compact and more portable than the "Hospital Grade" pump. It has various settings to meet the individual needs of mothers. Most staff use pumps offer a stimulating phase to stimulate the milk flow, followed by a blamable suction power.

A well -known manufacturer of electric milk pumps is MAM. Your recommended 2 in 1 pump offers the advantage that it can be used both as an electric and manual pump. It has a compact design, is easy to use and easy to clean.

Other well -known manufacturers of electric milk pumps are Medela, Philips Avent and Lansinoh. These brands offer a variety of models with different functions and properties.

Electric milk pumps play an important role in pumping breast milk because they give mothers the opportunity to store their milk and feed if necessary. They enable breastfeeding mothers to maintain their milk supply if they are not close to their baby or if the baby cannot be breastfed. The functions and advantages of electrical milk pumps make you a practical option for many mothers.

Enfit breast milk syringe

The ENFIT breast milk syringe works through a special adapter that creates a safe and hygienic connection between the breast milk bottle and the syringe attachment. It serves to pull breast milk directly from the bottle and dose.

The most important facts about the ENFIT breast milk syringe are:

- It is equipped with a fixed syringe attachment that enables precise dosage.

- The adapter ensures hygienic removal of breast milk.

- The syringe is free of harmful materials such as phthalates or bisphenol A.

- It is easy to clean and sterilizable.

- The ENFIT breast milk syringe can be used by professional users in hospitals or clinics, as well as by mothers at home.

The advantages of the ENFIT breast milk syringe are their secure connection, prevent contamination and the exact dosage. It enables breast milk to be removed and dosed in a hygienic manner, and is therefore particularly suitable for premature babies or sick babies. In addition, it is also practical for breastfeeding mothers who want to pump and store their breast milk. The ENFIT breast milk injection offers a user -friendly and reliable solution for the safe and hygienic use of breast milk.

Which breastfeeding accessories do I need?

If you want to breastfeed, there are some products that can help you to successfully support breastfeeding. The first and probably most important product is the breastfeeding pillow. This pillow offers support for your body while breastfeeding and helps you find a comfortable position. There are different types of nursing pillows, such as U-shaped or C-shaped pillows.

Another important product is still deposits. These deposits are inserted into the Still-BH and help to absorb expiring milk. There are disposable still inlays that can be disposed of after use, as well as reusable breastfeeding inserts made of cotton.

A nipple ointment can also be helpful, especially in the first weeks of breastfeeding, if your nipples can be sensitive. This ointment helps to calm and maintain the skin.

A milk pump could also be a useful breastfeeding accessories, especially if you intend to feed pumped milk or if you are not always able to put your baby directly. There are different types of milk pumps, such as hand pumps or electrical pumps.

Finally, you need a still bra that was specially developed for breastfeeding. This bra enables you to breastfeed simple and discrete without having to take off the bra.

With these products you can successfully support breastfeeding and increase your comfort during this important time.

Still accessories at the beginning of breastfeeding

During the initial phase of breastfeeding, there are some breastfeeding accessories that can make breastfeeding easier. The most important include breastfeeding bras, breastfeeding night shirts, mull towels, nursing hats and milk pumps.

Still bras are specially developed for breastfeeding mothers and offer good hold and easy access to the chest. They enable discrete and comfortable breastfeeding, both at home and in public. Still-night shirts also offer easy access to the chest and are particularly practical for nightly meals.

Mull towels can be used in many ways and can be used as a breach of nursing, drooling or protection for the shoulders. They are soft, absorbent and washable. Still huts are often used when the baby has difficulty grasping the nipple or to relieve nipple pain. They are made of soft silicone and can make it easier to create.

A milk pump can be very helpful if breastfeeding does not go as planned, for example with a lack of milk production or if the baby cannot suck on the chest properly. With a milk pump, the mothers can pump their milk and feed the baby with a bottle or a mug.

Many mothers have different opinions about what the most useful products are. Some mothers find breastfeeding bras and mull towels most practical because they facilitate the process of breastfeeding and keep them discreet. Other mothers swear by nursing hats because they simplify mating.

Overall, the right breastfeeding accessories in the initial phase of breastfeeding can make breastfeeding more pleasant and easier. It is important to take into account the individual needs and preferences of the mother and to get advice from a breastfeeding consultant if necessary.

Still accessories during the construction phase of breastfeeding

During the construction phase of breastfeeding, there are various breastfeeding accessories that can help mothers make the breastfeeding process easier. One of the most important breastfeeding accessories in this phase are still insoles. These insoles can be inserted into the BH and help to absorb leaked milk. They offer safe protection against wet spots on clothing. Another useful breastfeeding accessories are breastfeeding pensions. These shells are placed directly on the chest to collect and collect leaking milk. This enables mothers to collect the precious breast milk and use it later.

Still bras are also an indispensable breastfeeding accessories during the construction phase. These bras are specially developed to facilitate access to the breast and at the same time offer a good hold. They are comfortable and enable mothers to breastfeed their baby easily and discreetly. In addition, mull towels can also be very helpful in order to serve as a cover or as a document when breastfeeding. They are soft and versatile.

Mothers have different opinions about which breastfeeding accessories were most helpful to them. Many mothers appreciate the use of breastfeeding deposits as very practical and effective in order to absorb leaking milk. The breast milk catchment shells were also considered very useful to collect spilled or expiring milk and not waste. Still bras also received positive reviews because they facilitate the breastfeeding process and at the same time offer comfort. Some mothers perceived mull towels as helpful to cover the baby discrete when breastfeeding.

Overall, breastfeeding accessories are very important during the construction phase of breastfeeding and can help the mothers successfully master the breastfeeding process.

Accessories for pumping milk

Accessories for pumping milk are used both during breastfeeding and when feeding the bottles of infants. The pumping of breast milk enables mothers to breastfeed their babies even if they are not directly present or there are difficulties when creating. This requires special utensils that make pumping easier and ensure optimal storage of breast milk. The accessories include various products such as milk pumps, storage containers, bottles and vacuum cleaners, to name just a few. Milk pumps are available in different versions, including hand pumps and electrical variants that make pumping breast milk more efficient and less time -consuming. The inflated milk can then be kept safely in special storage vessels or bottles in order to feed them later. In addition, suitable vacuum cleaners also play an important role in facilitating the transition from the breastfeeding breast to bottle food. Overall, the accessories for pumping milk offers helpful support for mothers who want to provide their baby with breast milk flexibly and regardless of breastfeeding.


Still huts are aids that are used during breastfeeding to facilitate the milk flow and avoid problems when creating the baby on the chest. They are usually made of soft silicone or latex and have a shape that resembles the nipple.

The purpose of the still hat is to protect the nipple and enable better positioning of the baby when breastfeeding. You can also be an advantage when breastfeeding premature babies or babies with suction problems.

It is advisable to consult a midwife before using still hat. The midwife can check the correct seat of the nursing hat and ensure that you have no negative effects on milk production. A consultation is important to ensure that the nursing hats are used correctly and do not cause any problems.

There are advantages and disadvantages when using nursing hats. The advantages include pain relief for the mother during breastfeeding, improving the positioning of the baby and supporting the milk flow. Disadvantages may be that the baby may get used to the chest without breastfeeding and the milk production is influenced.

Overall, breastfeeding has an advantage for certain situations, but should always be used in consultation with a midwife to ensure the best possible support when breastfeeding.

Milk pump

A milk pump is used to pump breast breast milk so that it can later be fed to the baby. There are different types of milk pumps, including manual and electrical pumps.

In the case of a manual pump, the milk is pulled out by repeated compiling the pump mechanism. This requires some physical exertion and can take a little longer. Electrical pumps, on the other hand, are battery operations or connected to a socket and offer an automatic suction movement to pump the milk more efficiently.

Accessories that may be needed includes sterilizers to clean the parts of the milk pump, breast milk bag for storing the pumped out milk and cooling bags to keep the milk fresh if it is not used immediately.

The pumping with a milk pump has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the flexibility that enables mothers to store and feed their milk if they are not available. It can also be helpful if the baby does not breastfeed well or needs additional care. Disadvantages can be reduced stimulation of the chest and a possible decline in milk if the baby does not drink on the chest often enough.

Overall, the use of a milk pump offers many advantages to meet the needs of mother and baby and to ensure continuous milk supply.

Nipple ointment

The nipple ointment is a special cream that was developed to relieve problems with painful nipples. Their composition is such that it offers an effective and gentle solution for this problem. The ointment consists of pure wool wax, which is free of smell, taste and color. This makes it particularly compatible and pleasant to use.

The nipple ointment is primarily used by breastfeeding mothers to reduce the pain and irritation of the nipples. It can also be used preventively to prevent cracks and injuries. This ointment offers a quick and effective relief of symptoms in the chest area.

Due to its high -quality and well -tolerated composition, the nipple ointment is one of the most popular options for women fighting with painful nipples. The wool wax contained has skin -care properties and intensively supplies the skin with moisture. It also forms a protective film that protects the sensitive skin of the nipples from further irritation.

Overall, the nipple ointment is a reliable and effective option for women who have problems with aching nipples during breastfeeding or for other reasons. Their composition of odor, taste and color-free wool wax makes them particularly skin-friendly and pleasant to use.


A still armchair is a special armchair designed for breastfeeding babies. It is characterized by its comfortable and ergonomic form, which increases the comfort of the mother during breastfeeding. The breastfeeding armchair usually has a high backrest, padded armrests and often also a footrest that enables a relaxed and correct breastfeeding position.

Nevertheless, most parents do not use the breastfeeding armchair to breastfeed. There are various reasons for this. First, the still armchair is often an expensive piece of furniture that has to be integrated into the children's room. Many parents prefer to satisfy in a comfortable chair in the living room or in their own bedroom instead of buying a special armchair for it. Second, breastfeeding can also take place in other rooms, for example in bed or on a couch, which makes the breastfeeding armchair superfluous.

Nevertheless, there are alternative uses for the breastfeeding armchair. For example, it can be used as a comfortable seat in the children's room when the baby is older and is no longer breastfed. The armchair can serve to read stories or as a cozy place to deal with the child. The breastfeeding armchair is also well suited for relaxation breaks or for a nap.

Overall, the still armchair is a practical purchase for parents who want to spend a lot of time in the children's room, but it is often not used for the actual breastfeeding. Parents have various ways to find comfortable places for breastfeeding and can alternatively use the breastfeeding armchair for other purposes.


Still inserts are an important companion for breastfeeding mothers in order to intercept leaking milk while breastfeeding and to protect the clothing from pollution. There are different types of breastfeeding deposits that meet the individual needs of the mothers.

Disposal inserts usually consist of cellulose or fleece and are disposed of after use. They are practical and hygienic because they can simply be thrown away. However, their use can be costly in the long run and they burden the environment due to the high consumption of disposable products.

An alternative to disposable deposits are reusable still deposits from natural materials such as cotton, silk or a wool silk mixture. These deposits can be washed and reused after use. They are more environmentally friendly because they are durable for longer and produce less waste. In addition, they are often softer and more pleasant to wear.

However, the reusable still deposits also have their disadvantages. You need more time for cleaning and drying and may be more susceptible to stains or smells. It is also important to choose high -quality breastfeeding deposits that offer sufficient absorbency.

In summary, disposable deposits offer practical and hygienic solutions, while reusable still interlocks represent an environmentally friendly alternative. The choice depends on the individual needs, comfort and personal preferences. However, the possibility of reuse should be strongly emphasized in order to promote the reduction of waste and sustainability.

Nursing Bra

Treatment of a still bra:

A still bra is an indispensable piece of clothing for women during breastfeeding. It should be treated with care to preserve its functionality and shape. To achieve this, a breastfeeding bra should be washed by hand to protect its sensitive materials. Avoid rubbing and twisting to prevent damage. After washing, the bra should be laid out flat for drying to get its shape.

Advantages and comfort of a still bra:

Still bras offer numerous advantages during breastfeeding. They are specially tailored to the needs of breastfeeding mothers and offer support and support for sensitive breasts. The still bra enables discrete and practical breastfeeding without having to expose the whole breast. The bra is comfortable and makes it easier to put on the baby. It is important to invest in a reasonable still bra that is the right size and is made of high-quality materials.

Alternative options:

In addition to the still bra, there are also breastfeeding animals as an alternative option. Stillbustiers are similar to breastfeeding bras, but often offer even more comfort and flexibility. You have no brackets or hooks and thus make it easier to create the baby. Stillbustiers are also very practical and offer support for sensitive breasts during breastfeeding.

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Spitting towel

A spitting towel is an indispensable accessory in the initial equipment of a baby. It is versatile and serves different purposes to make everyday life more comfortable with the baby.

When the baby breastfeeds or spits during or after feeding, the spitting towel is used. It is placed over the shoulder or on the lap to avoid dirt. The soft material of the spitting cloth takes on the saliva or milk and thus protects the parents' clothing.

However, a spitting towel cannot only be used for the original purpose. Later it can serve as a scarf for the baby to protect the neck from the cold. Due to the soft material, the cloth lies comfortably on the sensitive baby skin and offers additional warmth.

In addition, the spitting cloth can also be used as a cuddly cloth. For example, the baby can use it to fall asleep by holding the cloth in the arms and sucking it. The familiar feeling of the spit search gives the baby security and helps to relax.

In summary, the most important uses of a spitting cloth are to absorb spit or milk while breastfeeding or feeding as well as the protection against dirt. Later it can be used as a scarf or cuddly cloth. The spitting towel is a practical and versatile accessory that should not be missing in the baby equipment.

Silent pillow

The nursing pillow is a practical tool that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It has the shape of a long, curved pillow and is filled with a soft filling.

During pregnancy, the breastfeeding pillow can make lying and sitting much more pleasant. It can be placed under the stomach to relieve the weight and support the back. It can also be used as a page support to make the sleeping position more stable and convenient. The breastfeeding pillow can also be useful as a seat aid during reading or television.

During breastfeeding, the nursing pillow is often used as a storage aid for the baby. It can be put under the arm to bring the baby to the right height when breastfeeding and thus protect the mother's back. It can also serve as a resting place for the baby if it is not breastfed.

The breastfeeding pillow has different functions and advantages for pregnant women and breastfeeding. It offers relief for the body by supporting the belly and back. It helps to avoid pressure points and tension. Breastfeeding is also more pleasant and relaxed by the breastfeeding pillow, since the optimal position can be found more easily. It also ensures better stability and security of the baby.

Overall, the breastfeeding pillow is a versatile and practical accessory during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which can improve the comfort and well -being of mother and child.

The breastfeeding accessories shop for parents

The still accessories shop for parents offers a variety of products to make breastfeeding easier and more convenient. In this shop, parents find a large selection of diaper bags and diaper backpacks made from different materials.

The changing bags and winding bags are not only practical, but also stylish. They offer enough space for diapers, wet wipes, clothing and everything else that parents need for their baby on the go. Thanks to the various materials from which they are made, parents can choose the bag that best suits their needs and individual style.

In addition to changing bags and winding bags, the still accessories shop also offers a variety of other items that make breastfeeding easier. This includes bottle holders, thermal tap bags, backpacks and stroller attachments. These products are not only practical, but also of high quality.

In addition, the shop offers a comprehensive guide to breastfeeding. This guide contains valuable information and tips for parents who have questions about breastfeeding or have difficulty. With this guide, parents can be well informed and informed.

The still accessories shop for parents is the perfect contact point for all parents who are looking for high -quality breastfeeding accessories and want to make breastfeeding easier.