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Mobile Ultraschallgeräte

Mobile ultrasound devices

With the help of a mobile ultrasound device, you can quickly clarify many vital questions directly at the scene of an accident in the event of a medical emergency.


  • Youkey Q7 Wireless ultrasound - mobile ultrasound device

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    Original price € 8.481,60 - Original price € 9.777,60
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    from € 8.481,60 incl. VAT
    € 8.481,60 - € 9.777,60
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What is a mobile ultrasound device?

With the help of a mobile ultrasound device, many vital questions can be quickly clarified in a medical emergency directly at the scene of the accident. These include:

  • Do internal bleeding occur?
  • Have organs have been damaged?
  • Where exactly is a certain nerve or a certain vein?
  • Is a thoracic drainage required?
  • Is emergency operation necessary?

Without a mobile ultrasound device, you can only find out in the hospital in some patients how severe the injury is actually and what measures have to be taken.


When is a mobile ultrasound device used?

A mobile ultrasound device is ideal for emergencies, as it can be taken anywhere and is usually completely wireless.

In addition, a mobile ultrasound device can also be used in medical practices (e.g. by gynecologists, urologists or orthopedic surgeons). In situations that require a high -resolution ultrasound image, however, a mobile ultrasound device is not sufficient. Here you will continue to need an inpatient ultrasound device.


Ideal suitable for

  • Medical practices
  • Ambulatories
  • cardiology
  • anesthesia
  • Intensive care
  • gynecology
  • urology
  • Orthopedics

What do you have to pay attention to when buying a mobile ultrasound device?

Only rely on brand manufacturers:

You can buy many cheap ultrasound devices for 1,000 or 2,000 euros on the Internet. However, the quality of these devices is not sufficient for emergency inserts. The recorded images are not sharp enough and the batteries are not durable. Here it is worth relying on a more expensive product of a brand manufacturer in order to be really prepared in an emergency.


Determine which functions you need:

Would you like to be able to connect the ultrasound device to your computer? Would you like to benefit from an even sharper resolution with a so -called color double? Before buying, you must answer these questions in order to be able to select the right product.


Select the correct sound heads:

Would you like a high -resolution image of the surface to find a vein or inject a nerve? Or would you like to check the function of organs? For these two areas of application you need different sound heads.


Suitable accessories

Ultrasound gel: For ideal sound wave transmission and optimal sliding properties, aUltrasound gel needed. With us you can buy this gel from the handy 250 ml bottle to 5 liters of storage canister.


Pump for ultrasound gel: If you ourUltrasound gel Bought in stock in the 5l canister, this pump is ideal as a donor or for transferring.


Vapor: We recommend at least twoVapor to be at hand. One has to dissolve on the surface to display veins or nerves well. The second must be high in depth in order to make the condition of the organs visible.


Emergency bagor.Emergency backpack: If you want your mobile ultrasound device in an emergency, you should at best in one in aEmergency bag or oneEmergency backpack store.