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Ambu disposable mask PLUS

by Ambu
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  • Latex-free
  • Anaesthesia / anaesthesia mask
  • With cuff valve
  • Transparent mask dome for optimum patient observation
  • Thumb support for better sealing
Article number 1204-1
Material number: 000 252 951
GTIN/EAN: 5707480023318
Scope of delivery

  • 1 piece (different sizes / depending on variant)

The product cannot be returned as it is a hygiene product.

Original price $4.00 - Original price $4.00
Original price
$4.00 incl. VAT
$4.00 - $4.00
Current price $4.00 incl. VAT
Current price $2.59 excl. VAT
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Ambu disposable face mask PLUS in detail

Ambu disposable face masks offer a wide range of sizes and features to meet the individual needs of users. The masks are available in different sizes, from infant sizes to adult sizes. This ensures an optimal fit for each patient, enabling effective ventilation.

One of the most important features of Ambu disposable respiratory masks is their single use. This means that each mask is intended for a single patient and is disposed of after use. This minimises the risk of cross-contamination between different patients and ensures a low-germ environment.

Another advantage of these masks is the customisability of the air volume. By inflating the reservoir bag, the desired air volume for ventilating the patient can be set. This enables a precise and individualised air supply that meets the patient's specific requirements.

The Ambu disposable respiratory masks are also packaged in sterile packaging. Each mask is individually packaged in a sterile bag to ensure hygiene and prevent contaminated use. This is particularly important in medical environments where infections must be avoided.

To summarise, Ambu disposable respiratory masks offer different sizes and features to enable effective and safe ventilation of patients. Their single-use, customisable air volume and low-germ packaging make them a reliable choice for medical care.

Durability and longevity

The Ambu Disposable Face Mask Plus is characterised by its excellent durability and longevity, making it an excellent choice for healthcare professionals.

Thanks to its anatomical shape, the mask moulds perfectly to the patient's face, ensuring a comfortable fit. The elasticated edge provides an airtight seal that helps to prevent air leaks. This enables an optimum seal during use of the mask.

The high durability of the Ambu disposable face mask Plus ensures long-lasting use without compromising on quality. This is particularly important in situations where regular use or increased wear is required. The mask can withstand the demands of everyday medical use and prevents premature fraying or tearing.

The durability of the mask allows professionals to use it for an extended period of time without having to worry about replacing or damaging the mask. This saves time and money and ensures that the masks are always ready for use.

Overall, the Ambu Disposable Face Mask Plus is an excellent choice when it comes to durability and longevity. The anatomical shape, elasticated edge, airtight seal, comfortable fit and optimal seal make it the ideal mask for healthcare professionals.

Moulded cuff for airway constriction

The moulded cuff for airway constriction is an innovative feature in Ambu® Disposable Face Masks Plus that enables effective ventilation. Ambu is a renowned manufacturer of medical devices and the associated disposable respiratory masks.

The moulded cuff is attached to the side of the mask and provides an optimal seal and fit to the patient's face, especially for people with airway obstruction. This cuff ensures a secure connection between the mask and the face, which leads to improved ventilation quality and prevents respiratory gases from escaping.

Airway obstruction can have various causes, such as asthma, bronchitis or allergic reactions. Ambu has developed this moulded cuff to minimise ventilation problems in patients with airway obstruction and to offer healthcare professionals an optimal treatment method.

The Ambu® Disposable Face Masks Plus with the moulded cuff thus offer an effective solution for the treatment of patients with airway obstruction. They enable safe and efficient ventilation to ensure the health and well-being of patients.

Transparent mask dome for easy monitoring

The Ambu® disposable face mask with transparent mask dome enables easy monitoring during use. The transparent mask allows healthcare professionals to visually monitor the patient's condition during treatment. This is particularly important as a rapid response to changes in the patient's breathing pattern or skin colour may be required.

The mask allows for shared use as it can be easily and quickly adjusted to different patient sizes. This is particularly beneficial in emergency situations where rapid treatment is required and healthcare professionals often have limited time to adjust the mask.

The transparent mask dome is anatomically shaped to ensure a precise fit on the patient's face. This prevents air from accidentally entering between the face and the mask, which improves the effectiveness of ventilation.

In addition, the mask has a thumb support that makes it easier for healthcare professionals to fit and position the mask correctly. This enables quick and safe application, even in stressful situations.

Overall, the Ambu® disposable face mask with transparent mask dome offers a reliable and user-friendly solution for monitoring and ventilating patients.

High user comfort

The Ambu® disposable face masks offer a high level of user comfort, which will be explained in more detail below.

User comfort is ensured by several features of the mask. Firstly, the material of the mask is soft and pleasant on the skin, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Furthermore, the fit of the mask is optimised to ensure that it is secure and comfortable to wear.

In addition to the high level of user comfort, Ambu® disposable face masks also offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories to meet individual needs. These can be selected and supplemented according to the user's requirements.

The high quality and functionality of the Ambu® disposable face mask is further emphasised by technical drawings that provide detailed information on the construction and design.

If further information is required, it is possible to request a customised quotation.

Keywords for inclusion: user comfort, high user comfort, spare parts and accessories, technical drawing, request a quote.

Cost-effective solution for daily use

The Ambu® disposable face mask PLUS is a cost-effective solution for daily use. This disposable face mask in size M has been specially developed for adults and provides reliable respiratory support. It is easy to use and can be quickly made ready for use in emergency situations.

To use the Ambu® disposable face mask correctly, you should ensure that it fits the patient's face well. It is important to choose the right size, and in this case size M is suitable for adults. Spare parts and accessories can also be considered, such as a headband for stabilisation or a bag for storage.

The advantages of this solution are obvious. The Ambu® Disposable Face Mask PLUS is a cost-effective option for everyday use and can help to effectively support an adult patient's breathing. With the right replacement parts and accessories, the mask can be optimally customised to meet the patient's needs. In emergency situations, this disposable respiratory mask can be used quickly to provide life-saving assistance.

Sizes at a glance

  • Size 1: Newborns (9 g)
  • Size 2: Infants (14 g)
  • Size 3: Infants / children (25 g)
  • Size 4: Small adults / adolescents (33 g)
  • Size 5: Medium adults (47 g)
  • Size 6: Large adults (49 g)

Technical data sheet


  • No reprocessing necessary
  • Inexpensive and therefore ideal for everyday use

Ideally suited for

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency services
  • Medical practices
  • Anaesthesia & intensive care

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