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Heine DELTAone dermatoscope with achromatic optical system and "toggle" function

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  • Small and handy
  • Extremely sharp image
  • Outstanding colour fidelity thanks to LED HQ technology
  • Glare and reflection-free working thanks to polarisation
  • Versatile in use
  • Easy cleaning with spray disinfection
  • Digital documentation with Heine DERManager
Article number 19017-2
Material number: K-211.28.305
GTIN/EAN: 4053755196722
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  • 1 x Heine DELTAOne dermatoscope, possibly different quantities depending on the variant

Original price $1,098.00 - Original price $1,151.00
Original price
$1,151.00 incl. VAT
$1,098.00 - $1,151.00
Current price $1,151.00 incl. VAT
Current price $881.91 excl. VAT
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Heine DELTAOne dermatoscope in detail

Small on the outside, great on the inside - this mobile miracle device is taking medical professionals by storm. The innovative achromatic Heine optical system produces an extremely sharp image. The device fits easily into any lab coat pocket and offers outstanding colour fidelity thanks to LED HQ technology. The polarisation enables glare and reflection-free working. The rapid change from contact to non-contact examination and the clear image, regardless of the working distance, make the device extremely versatile. The desired brightness is achieved with a real 21 mm field of view and three adjustable light intensities. Cleaning is easy with spray disinfection. The practical 10x magnification ensures precise examinations, while the autoclavable contact disc with scale prevents cross-contamination. You can switch between polarised and non-polarised light at the touch of a button using the toggle function. The rechargeable battery with Li-Ion technology enables safe recharging regardless of the charge level. A small contact disc is also included for hard-to-reach areas. With the exclusive Heine DERManager, simple digital documentation is possible, including image and data management with common smartphones. Further information can be found at

Overview of the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope

The Heine DELTAone dermatoscope offers an exceptional combination of precision and ease of use. It enables a precise examination of the skin and quick detection of suspicious lesions.

One of the main features of the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is digital documentation, either via the Heine Derm App or the Heine Cube system. This allows images and patient data to be stored and managed easily and securely. The dermatoscope is also equipped with a connector to connect smartphones. This enables images and videos to be transferred directly to mobile devices.

Various items and accessories are available for the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope to expand the range of examinations. These include, for example, different contact windows for magnifying specific skin areas or search structure lighting for improved visualisation of pathologies.

Overall, the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope offers an innovative solution for dermatological examinations. With its digital documentation and the ability to connect to mobile devices, it sets new standards in medical technology. Additional items and accessories enable customisation and open up new diagnostic possibilities.

Features of the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope

Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is an advanced medical device used to examine the skin. It enables doctors to examine skin changes such as moles, skin diseases and other skin lesions precisely and in detail. The dermatoscope is characterised by its high image quality, which makes it possible to identify and analyse the smallest details of the skin. It has a powerful illumination that provides an optimal view of the skin and supports the diagnosis of skin diseases. The Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is easy to use as it has sophisticated features such as automatic focusing. It also allows doctors to take images of the skin lesions to follow the progression of the disease and discuss it with patients. This dermatoscope is an important tool in dermatology and contributes to the early detection and treatment of skin diseases. It is appreciated by doctors all over the world for its precision, reliability and ease of use.

Sharp image

The Heine DELTAone creates a clear impression with its large and sharp image. This is made possible by the achromatic optical system with three lenses and the special Heine LEDHQ illumination.

The achromatic optical system ensures excellent colour rendition and minimises imaging errors. It consists of three high-quality lenses that produce a sharp and detailed image. The special Heine LEDHQ illumination ensures bright and uniform illumination of the examination field, resulting in a high-contrast and clear image.

The result is a razor-sharp image that makes the finest details visible. The Heine DELTAone enables precise diagnosis and facilitates the differentiation of tissue and organ structures.

Key words for the image: large image, sharp image, achromatic optics, LEDHQ illumination, Heine DELTAone.

Heine Optical System

The Heine Optical System is an outstanding technology used in Heine devices. It provides exceptional image quality and illumination, which are crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The Heine Optical System is characterised by its innovative functions and features. The image quality is outstanding thanks to the Achromatic Heine Optical Systems. They provide a clear, sharp and detailed image that allows the smallest details to be recognised.

The illumination of the Heine optical system is also impressive. Thanks to the homogeneous light distribution, the treatment area is evenly illuminated, which is essential for reliable diagnosis and treatment.

Another outstanding feature of the Heine Optical System is the "toggle" function. This function allows the user to switch between polarised and non-polarised light. This is particularly useful when examining tissues and structures where polarised illumination is required.

Overall, the Heine Optical System offers outstanding image quality, homogeneous light distribution and the ability to switch between polarised and non-polarised light. These features make it an indispensable tool for doctors and healthcare professionals to make accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatments.

Advantages of using the Heine DELTAone Dermatoscope

Using the Heine DELTAone Dermatoscope offers numerous advantages for doctors and healthcare professionals. This innovative diagnostic instrument enables precise examination and assessment of skin lesions and skin changes. The magnification and enhanced illumination of the skin area allows the finest details to be visualised, enabling accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

The Heine DELTAone dermatoscope offers high flexibility of use as it can be connected to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This allows physicians to easily integrate it into their existing digital workflows and easily capture high-resolution images of skin lesions. By using artificial intelligence, these images can also be automatically analysed and compared against reference databases to support the diagnostic process.

Another advantage of using the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is the possibility of telemedicine. The digital transmission of images and data means that skin changes can be transferred quickly and easily from one location to another and assessed by specialist experts. This enables efficient collaboration and allows doctors to access the expertise of specialists even in remote areas. Overall, the use of the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope contributes to improved diagnostic accuracy, more efficient workflows and increased patient satisfaction.

Contact lens with scale

The contact lens with scale is an indispensable tool in the DELTAone Dermatoscope Standard Edition. This contact lens enables the dermatologist to examine and measure skin changes more precisely.

The main function of the contact lens with scale is to provide a magnified and clear view of the area of skin to be examined. The dermatoscope is placed directly on the skin and the contact lens with scale is positioned over the dermatoscope. The magnifying lens and scale allow dermatologists to accurately measure and track the size of skin lesions. This enables a precise and reliable diagnosis to be made.

The use of the contact lens with scale is of great importance when examining the skin. It helps dermatologists to detect and analyse different types of skin diseases such as melanomas, basal cell carcinomas or moles. The scale on the contact lens serves as a reference point for measuring lesions and allows professionals to accurately observe changes or growth.

Overall, the contact lens with scale is a valuable tool in dermatological practice. It improves the visibility of skin changes and facilitates the accurate assessment of lesions. The precise measurement and monitoring of skin diseases expands diagnostic possibilities and optimises treatments.

Technology of the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope

The Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is the latest innovation in medical technology. It is a state-of-the-art dermatoscopic instrument that has been specially developed for the examination of skin lesions. With its precise optics and innovative LED illumination, the DELTAone dermatoscope provides clear and detailed images of the skin. It enables doctors and dermatologists to accurately observe and diagnose skin lesions such as moles, skin cancer and other dermatological problems.

The technology of the DELTAone dermatoscope enables medical professionals to accurately detect changes in skin texture and colour. By magnifying the skin lesions, even the smallest details such as pigmentation or microvessels can be visualised. The instrument has different modes of illumination that can be customised depending on the type of skin lesion. The combination of polarised and non-polarised light optimises the image and gives doctors a precise picture of the tissue.

The Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is not only technically advanced, but also user-friendly. It is light, handy and easy to use. The images can be easily stored and analysed on a computer or tablet. With this innovative technology, dermatologists can make a faster and more accurate diagnosis and offer their patients improved care.

Advantages of the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope

The Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is an advanced device used by dermatologists worldwide to examine skin lesions and diagnose skin diseases. It has innovative features and offers a variety of benefits that make it an extremely effective tool in dermatology.

One of the main advantages of the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is its high resolution. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, the device provides razor-sharp images and enables doctors to recognise the finest details of skin changes. This facilitates the accurate diagnosis of skin diseases and enables optimal treatment planning for patients.

Another advantage of the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is its ease of use. The device is intuitive to use and does not require any complex settings. This enables an efficient and time-saving examination, as doctors can quickly access the desired functions.

In addition, the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is also extremely compact and lightweight. With its slim design, it can be held comfortably in the hand and thus enables easy handling when examining different skin areas.

Overall, the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope offers numerous advantages for dermatologists. With its high resolution, simple operation and compact design, it is an indispensable instrument for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.

Non-contact examination

Non-contact examination is a diagnostic method in which the doctor examines the patient without direct skin contact. This type of examination is recommended in cases where there is a risk of infection or where lesions that are difficult to access need to be examined closely.

The non-contact Heine DELTAone dermatoscope offers several advantages. It enables better visualisation of hard-to-reach lesions, as its shape and size allow it to be used in hard-to-reach areas. It also offers the possibility of viewing infectious lesions without direct skin contact, which reduces the risk of infection for the doctor.

The device is very easy to use. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it sits comfortably in the hand and is easy to operate. The Heine DELTAone dermatoscope can be easily cleaned to prevent cross-contamination. In addition, the contact disc of the device can even be autoclaved, which enables particularly thorough cleaning and sterilisation.

To summarise, the non-contact examination with the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is particularly recommended when it comes to examining lesions that are difficult to access or infectious. The device is easy to handle, easy to clean and offers better visualisation of lesions.

Heine DELTAone dermatoscope

The Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is a state-of-the-art medical device for the examination of skin lesions. It features an achromatic optical system that enables high resolution and accurate colour reproduction. This enables dermatologists to carry out accurate and precise examinations.

Another feature of the dermatoscope is the polarisation technology. It can eliminate reflections from the skin surface, resulting in an improved view of pigmentation and vascular structures. This is particularly important in the diagnosis of skin cancer and other skin diseases.

The Heine DELTAone dermatoscope also offers the possibility of digital documentation. With the help of a camera and special software, images and videos of the examined skin changes can be recorded and saved. This enables precise tracking of changes over time and easy transfer of the results to other doctors or for archiving in the patient file.

The digital documentation of the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope therefore not only offers a precise examination option, but also a simple and efficient way of recording and sharing examination results. The device thus contributes to improving the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.

Further details

The "Next Heading" offers a wide range of functions and technical details to ensure optimum performance. The DELTAone Standard Edition in the colour black-silver is equipped with a contact disc with scale, which enables precise measurement and adjustment. The Next Heading can be easily recharged using the supplied USB cable and the medically approved plug-in power supply to ensure continuous use. A case is also supplied to store the Next Heading safely and protect it from damage.

The clear image offered by the Next Heading is particularly noteworthy. With a field of view of 21mm, users have a wide and clear view of the object. The Next Heading has three light intensities that can be adjusted as required. This means that the lighting can be optimally adapted to individual requirements.

Another advantage of Next Heading is that it is easy to clean. The design and materials used make the Next Heading easy to clean and keep hygienic. There is also a dioptre equaliser, which makes it possible to adjust the Next Heading to individual eyesight.

To summarise, the DELTAone Standard Edition "Next Heading" offers a variety of functions and technical details that include a clear image, a wide field of vision, different light intensities, convenient cleaning and dioptre compensation. These features make the Next Heading ideal for use in a variety of areas.

Further articles / accessories for Heine DELTAone dermatoscope

The Heine DELTAone dermatoscope is a high-quality medical device that helps doctors and dermatologists to accurately examine and diagnose skin lesions. This advanced dermatoscope offers high resolution and magnification to visualise even the smallest details of the skin. In addition to the equipment included as standard, Heine also offers a range of other items and accessories for the HEINE DELTAone dermatoscope to optimise examinations and diagnoses. These include, for example, various contact plates with which the skin can be optimally prepared and stabilised in order to obtain clear and sharp images. Furthermore, Heine also offers different light filters to better visualise specific skin features such as pigmentation disorders or vascular dilatations. In addition, various device holders and stand solutions are available to improve the comfort and user-friendliness of the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope. With the extensive range of additional items and accessories for the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope, doctors can make their examinations even more precise and effective in order to provide their patients with the best possible dermatological care.

Is there an app for digital documentation?

Yes, Heine offers a digital documentation app - the HEINE DERManager, also known as the HEINE DERM app. This app enables doctors and medical professionals to document and analyse medical images, especially dermatological images, directly from their smartphone.

With the help of the Heine DERManager, medical images can be easily captured and saved in the app. The app also offers functions for editing the images, such as highlighting specific areas or adding annotations and measurements. These functions facilitate diagnosis and the exchange of information between doctors and colleagues.

The Heine DERManager app supports various devices, including the Heine DELTAone dermatoscope, which has been specially developed for dermatological imaging. This dermatoscope can be wirelessly connected to the app via a universal smartphone connection point. This makes it possible to take images and videos directly on the smartphone and analyse and document them in the app.

This digital documentation app offers doctors and medical professionals a simple and effective way to capture, analyse and document medical images, which ultimately leads to better patient care.

How do I take the best pictures with my smartphone?

To take the best images with my smartphone, I open either the camera app or the Heine DERM app. Then I point the smartphone at the desired subject and press the shutter button to take the photo.

To adjust the focus of the dermatoscope and connect the smartphone to it, I use the available Smartphone Connector. I simply adjust the focus by turning the lens on the dermatoscope until the image is sharp. I then attach the smartphone to the dermatoscope using the connector. This creates a stable connection and I can use the dermatoscope like a magnifying glass to capture high-resolution images of skin irregularities.


  • Small and handy
  • Extremely sharp image
  • Outstanding colour fidelity thanks to LED HQ technology

Ideally suited for

  • General practitioners
  • Dermatologists
  • Internists

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